Starting up a new business?

Do you have an idea? Or are you starting up a new business? Come and see us at Waikato Innovation Park and we’ll help you validate your business model or help you create one. We’ll make sure your business has the right foundations by pointing your ideas in the right direction.

Step 1: Connect with us

Connect with the Business Growth Team at Waikato Innovation Park. Contact or phone 07 8570838.

Step 2: Check out the Guide to starting a business

If you’re new to being in business or self-employed, the tips below outline what's involved, from testing your idea to registering a trade mark. Have you thought enough about how to turn your idea into a great business? Test yourself with our Feasibility and Risk Checker tool.

Step 3: Connect with Sodainc

Incubation - Work with SodaInc to grow your business. 

Step 4: Business validation

To validate your business idea/project before you invest serious money, try this tool first.


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