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The Food Waikato facility comprises New Zealand’s first and only independent spray dryer. This processing plant allows clients to take their new product from the concept stage to commercialisation. 

Independently owned, Food Waikato has an ethos of open access and aims to enable independent milk suppliers and suppliers of nutritional brands to produce powders from milk or other ingredients. Food Waikato specialises in goat, sheep and nutritional milk-based powders.  

Part of the NZ Food Innovation Network
Part of the NZ Food Innovation Network


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We grow companies and opportunities

Food Waikato was commissioned in 2012 with a threefold mission: to grow companies, opportunities and NZ exports. The first 5 years of operation have already achieved these goals. Clients have exported more than $186M of product and invested $143M of capital. After success at Food Waikato clients go on to establish their own purpose-built factories, to increase exports and to create employment opportunities. Mission accomplished!

Connect with Food Waikato and the Food Innovation Network

Craig Hoare

Business Development Manager
Mobile: 021 445 860
Email: hoare.c@nzfiw.co.nz

10.5m-high dryer

NZ’s only product development spray dryer

Focused on the manufacture of sheep, goat and nutritional powders and as a formulation processing plant for nutritional powders

Food Waikato Facts

  • New Zealand’s first and only independent product-development spray dryer
  • Construction completed in April 2012, operational in May 2012
  • Build cost: $22 million
  • 10.5m-high stainless-steel dryer, weighing 7.5 tonnes
  • Focused on manufacture of sheep, goat and nutritional powders
  • Products are restricted to dairy or dairy ingredients – non-dairy ingredients are prohibited
  • Formulation processing plant for nutritional powders
  • Daily production: 65,000 litres of milk per day at 10.5% total solids
  • Produces a half a tonne per hour of spray-dried powder
  • NZ Food Safety Authority export certified

Plant and processing capability

  • 65,000 litre/day of milk production at 10.5% total solids
  • Drier capacity:
    whole milk powder 500 kg/hour
    infant powders 320-380 kg/hour
  • Capability TO reconstitute powders and to add vitamins and minerals
  • 10-25 kg gas packing line  

Product quality and regulatory systems

  • Dairy risk management programme (RMP)
  • Seafood RMP (omega powders)
  • China, Korea registration
  • Export registration
  • Halal certification
  • Kosher certification

How to access Food Waikato

Food Waikato can be hired on a day-by-day basis. The process works as follows: 

1. Customers deliver their ingredients (that must meet Food Waikato’s quality guidelines). 
2. Food Waikato provides the management and staff required to process the product.
3. The product will be released to the client having met food safety requirements.

 For any enquiries please email: hoare.c@nzfiw.co.nz

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The NZ Food Innovation Network (NZFIN)

The NZFIN is a national network of development centres supporting growth in the food and beverage industries. Food Waikato at Waikato Innovation Park is proud to be one of the NZFIN facilities.


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