Tech Week Waikato 2018


The Waikato technology sector is thriving, and a week-long regional technology symposium is being planned this May to capture that momentum.

Hamilton recorded $109 million regional revenue growth among its top tech companies in 2017 which, at 21.7 per cent in revenue growth, makes Waikato the fastest growing tech region in the country according to the 2017 Technology Investment Network (TIN) report.

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Waikato’s thriving Māori economy


The wider Waikato region is experiencing growth in Māori business enterprise, according to local experts.

“The Māori economy is growing, and it’s growing fast,” says Kahurangi Taylor, a Waikato Innovation Park business growth advisor.

Ms Taylor regularly meets with local entrepreneurs and says the number of Māori businesses seeking support has grown across the Waikato and Coromandel regions. “In the past up to five percent of businesses we were supporting were Māori, but over the past year it has increased to 16 percent.”

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Space available to rent!

The completion of the new Tetra Pak building at the park will result in some long awaited vacant space mid 2016. We anticipate the availability of some tenancies between 30m2 and 150m2.

The Park is also embarking on a project to offer shared workspace for individuals and small companies to use on a fixed term basis. These too will be available mid 2016.
So if you are a company involved in agribusiness, environment, food, innovation or technology and would like to be part of a vibrant working space, please contact Nicki Thorne on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sheep milk tipped for big things

Expanded facilities at Waikato Innovation Park has helped put the region at the forefront of the next big thing in agriculture.

Stuart Gordon, chief executive of Waikato Innovation Park, presented to the city councillors in November 2015 and reflected on recent developments at the Park.

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Australian investment at FoodWaikato

Nu-Mega Ingredients, a subsidiary of Australian public listed company Clover Corporation, has made a significant investment commissioning trial work with their microencapsulated powders at the recently expanded FoodWaikato Plant at Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton.

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FoodWaikato expansion

During the past 6 months FoodWaikato have undertaken a $5.8m expansion. The install includes vitamin, mineral and oil addition, with the ability to formulate nutritional liquid into powders. This will allow an increase in manufacturing capability and new product development for our customers, with a focus on higher-value nutritional powders.

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Fresco Nutrition

Fresco Nutrition is working closely with FoodWaikato to produce a unique base powder for its goat milk infant formula range.

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Why wouldn’t you?

“Students offer business a chance to see the world with new eyes”, says Owen Embling of Convex Plastics, who spoke at the ‘Students, Business and Funding’ event held at the Park last night. He reeled off over a dozen names of students that have worked in Convex Plastics over the years, and they  have all added value to his business.

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Funding for your business

'Talk to us about growth' – that was the message from over 50 business owners who gathered at Waikato Innovation Park last night to learn more about business funding and support.

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Pac-Rim Corporate Solutions helping Kiwi companies into the China Market

Prior to moving to New Zealand in 1999, Ting Ting worked for more than 10 years for a number of companies in China including her own two successful businesses - Thai Heng Trade Development Ltd and Tian He Advertising Ltd. Having a passion for business and a desire to learn about how business is done in New Zealand she completed a Bachelor Degree of Management Studies (double major Economics and Finance) with first class honours and then a Master of Management Studies (Finance), again with first class honours from the University of Waikato.

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New building for Tetra Pak at Waikato Innovation Park

TPWaikato Innovation Park has signed an agreement with existing tenant, Tetra Pak, to construct a custom-built national headquarters on its Hamilton East campus.  The new building will be the fourth constructed on the Park’s campus since it opened its doors in February 2004.

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World-first anti-acne product launches in Mexico

Waikato Innovation Park company, Quantec Ltd, has signed a distribution partner agreement to launch its world-first anti-acne cream into Mexico.

Epiology is a clinically-proven anti-acne cream; the only one globally with a patented active ingredient derived from New Zealand cow’s milk.

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UK Visitors – Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

UK-to-NZ Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Mission - February 2015

Notes on the UK Delegation

(Contact Waikato Innovation Park on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an introduction)

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Opportunities for New Zealand

There’s nothing like hearing from a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist to remind you there’s vast opportunity in the US for smart, driven entrepreneurs. We hosted Rob Trice here at the Park recently – he’s in New Zealand exploring our food innovation environment, and is particularly interested in the application of ICT to the food value chain.

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Bright future for Waikato Innovation Park

The black building on Ruakura Road is sometimes regarded as a mysterious ‘black box’ to people who are unfamiliar with the company’s resident here. Is it a research centre? Is it a business park? We asked Stuart Gordon, CEO, to share the Park’s strategy over the medium term.

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Quantec Gives New Hope to Acne Sufferers

New Zealand-based dairy biotechnology company, Quantec Ltd, presented the results of its US clinical trial on acne to dermatologists at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Annual Meeting in Coolum, Australia on July 11-12.

In the clinical trial conducted at a clinical research facility in California, USA and completed in February 2013, Quantec’s patented complex of bioactive milk proteins - called IDP® - was the active ingredient in a specially formulated skin cream that went head-to-head in a double blind study against a premium, US-based clinical brand of acne treatment cream (containing 2% salicylic acid plus retinal).